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Your home in the Terraverse

Colonies is your public display for Terra NFTs layered on your 3 word Gridz address.

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Show off your Terra NFT collection

Each Gridz address includes a unique home aboard a space Colony with a shareable gallery page to show off your Terra NFTs.

All homes includes one room which can host 8 NFTs. Unlock additional floors and add rooms in your home to show more NFTs and organize your collection.

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Built on the unique Galactic Gridz

Galactic Gridz is a mint-your-own combination of 3 words that represent a NFT pseudonym and your unique stake on a volume of customizable space within the Terraverse.

Gridz addresses are formed from a combination of 100 words relevant to crypto and the Terra ecosystem. Similar to other ‘xyz' projects, these 3 word address are your unique coordinates. Share them with your fellow LUNAtics, include them in your Twitter bio, and use them in Colonies to show off your Terra NFT collection.

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Form communities within your Colony and Sector

Each word of your Gridz address will enroll you in an exclusive Colony and Sector. Your Colony is your "neighborhood" and your Sector is your "street". Colonies Discord will include roles and private channels for your Colony and Sector. Organize with friends, create new relationships, or even form a DAO -- it's up to you!


Customize your Home

Unlock, collect, and purchase furniture and accessories to personalize each room in your home. There are numerous collaborations in the works with various Terra projects to release themed rooms, like a bull pen for your Luna Bulls and Baby Bulls, or posters featuring your favorite influencers and protocols.